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The Dirty Glove: Tile & Grout Edition

Cleaning thoroughly, efficiently, and greenly is the name of the game here at the Purple Fig, but we all have those areas of the house that- let’s face it -nobody likes to tackle. What better way to honor those dastardly, dirty crevices then to dedicate a post about how to scrub them until they shine?

The Secret of Essential Oils

Organic essential oils may seem like a few tiny droplets within an ocean of natural ingredients, but the cleaning process wouldn’t be complete without them. Eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint…each of these oils play a vital role in improving the well-being of your home as well as your body.

We like Moso Natural Bags!

We ran across a great, eco-friendly product in a client’s house this week. I’m always pleasantly surprised that we can continue to learn and discover new ways to be green and clean nearly every day! The Moso Natural Bag: It contains a bamboo charcoal that absorbs moisture and odors and all sorts of things youRead More

Kill Mold – Volume II

You know that quirky little video I did last week, trying to kill the mold? I did another one this week. It was great! It went very smoothly. Until I imported it and noticed that the second half some button must have been pushed that made it a very artsy sepia tone. Lovely. Unless, ofRead More

On a Mold Mission

I’m on a mission, people. You know that mold in the shower? Not the pink stuff we’ve already talked about, but the black mold. There has to be a natural way to eradicate this mold. I’ve done my research and I know the ways to avoid getting the mold: Open a window while/after showering GetRead More


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