On a Mold Mission

I’m on a mission, people. You know that mold in the shower? Not the pink stuff we’ve already talked about, but the black mold. There has to be a natural way to eradicate this mold.

  • I’ve done my research and I know the ways to avoid getting the mold:
  • Open a window while/after showering
  • Get wet towels out of small bathrooms
  • Use a squeegee to wick away excess water
  • Make sure everything is draining and not leaving standing water
  • Use natural sprays after showering to avoid build up (like vinegar or diluted tea tree oil)

I do most of these things and it has kept the mold from coming back. If you’ve been reading our blog for a bit, you know that I live with someone a bit less eco-friendly than myself. He’s in training. Chlorine bleach is in my house and was used on the mold. While effective, I really would like to avoid using it. It makes my head hurt and I can’t breath and the smell makes me actually ill. Even though the mold is mostly gone, I would like to treat the few spots that are deep in the sealant with natural solutions to see what works.

Behold, the corner of shame:

Here are the solutions I’ve found so far:

  • Tea Tree oil diluted with water
  • Lemon juice and salt paste
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (which is what is in most non-chlorine bleaches)
  • Borax
  • Grapefruit seed extract

So join me on a little journey. I’m going to the store tonight to grab a couple of these items. I’m going to start with the least expensive items and move my way up to the tea tree and grapefruit seed extract. Wish me luck and if you have other solutions, drop us a line!