Our Team

Everyone on our team is extensively trained in the art and science of green cleaning.


Hello there! I’m a local Austinite– born here, raised abroad and then back here for college and beyond. I’m passionate about all-things-eco-friendly, yoga, running, healthy eating, etc. I also firmly believe that a cup of jasmine tea makes everything better. I love working hard to make sure our clients received the best service possible and I love the process of continuous improvement.

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Lauren D.

Lauren is a native Austinite (no, really, they exist!) and is the Office Manager and HR Generalist at The Fig. She lives with her pup, Dr. Girlfriend, and three cats, Mr. Linus, Helena, and Boba Fett! When she’s not being the ringleader of her “circus/home” she enjoys Xbox time, playing various musical instruments, reading, and eating delicious cheeses.

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Photographer, videographer, blogger, and veteran Figlette – Cara received her B.A. in Film and Digital Media from Baylor University and moved to Austin in 2013 in hot pursuit of a creative freelance career. Her favorite part of cleaning is vacuuming up ludicrous amounts of pet hair.

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Nic is a jazz enthusiast and Texan native raised abroad.

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Hi, I’m Rachel! I’m originally from Houston but love living in Austin. I really enjoy yoga, journaling, drawing, and hiking! You can find me humming along to Ray Charles while I’m at work 🙂

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Madelyn recently moved to Austin and is loving it! She brought her mini zoo with her – from a dog to a bearded dragon, she has it all and loves every minute of her time with them. Spending time with her friends and family is what takes up most of her free time, but withRead More

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I enjoy spending time outdoors; running, hiking, exploring. Vitamin D and a glass of wine makes for a perfect day!

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Oldest sibling of many. The leader and cool weird fashioned Aunt of many. My family is chosen and grown. I love coloring books, games, coozies, natural water. I don’t realize my last initial is “M” born as a “Collins” so “Mc” is my natural brain reaction.

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Hi, I’m Jess! I’m originally from North Texas and moved to Austin for college. I’m an art history student and spend most of my time studying but I also love hiking, thrifting, and spending time with friends and my pug!

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Lindsay has been getting down and dirty with dog hair since 1987, and is no stranger to making homes squeaky clean! She likes double-fisting tea and coffee while playing chess, taking long hikes with her fur children, and cozying up in her RV, Rhonda, with her fiancé. She’s relatively new to Austin, but is excitedRead More

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Lauren S.

Lauren (right) moved to Austin in 2012 from “the Houston area”, and spent those first five years slingin’ barbecue at Ruby’s (RIP). While she misses the smell of brick-pit smoke in her hair, she’s happily getting used to the delightful peppermint and eucalyptus scents of the Fig. Her favorite vacuum is Saggitariutt Jefferspin.

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Phil here! I JUST moved here from Baton Rouge. Why, you ask? Blues bars, biking, and Buc-ee’s. Word has it I clean up pretty well 😉 I already feel at home with Purple Fig, especially with all the puns waiting to be discovered!

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Laurel (in blue) has been in Austin since 2013. She enjoys paddle-boarding, watching movies, & reading a good book with her pup by her side. In her off time, she’s probably taking a day trip to grab great BBQ or doing her partner acrobatics with friends.

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Allie was born and raised in Michigan, but traveled the USA in search of the perfect place to call home (easily choosing Austin). She’s enjoying all the hiking trails, food trucks, warm weather, and local coffee joints that Austin has to offer!

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Mattie used to pour espresso shots and help care for your pets, but she is no stranger to tidying up as it’s been a habit since she was a young’n. A native Texan, she lives with her partner, a little gremlin terrier mix Kipper, and 3 goldfish. She’s into rainbows, reading her weekly horoscope inRead More

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Howdy, I’m Erin!  I recently moved to Austin from Upper Michigan.  In my spare time I enjoy running with my German Shepherd, Maple, exploring Austin with my husband, and camping around the big state of Texas in our teardrop camper.

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I Moved to Austin about 5 years ago and am originally from San Angelo, Texas. Most of my family is there so I try to visit as often as I can! I am a dancer at heart and I enjoy skating and selling vintage clothes from time to time on the weekends 🙂

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My name is Nikki and I was born and raised here. If I am not at my house with my two dogs and one cat you can find me outside exploring the woods through hiking and camping!

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Hello! I’m Courtney but you can call me Catney. I’ve moved all over the US and found my home back in Austin. I love art, photography, hair color, cats and crafts. I have a kitten named Luna and a dog named daisy.

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My name is Sabrina, i’m originally from California but super excited to have settled down with my husband and 7 animals (which include ferrets, cats, a dog and a tortoise) in the North Austin area. I love children’s illustration, sculpture, doll making and all things animal related. When i’m not gushing over an animal, drawing orRead More

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Hi! I’m Josh! An Austinite who loves screenwriting, music and exercise in any form! You’ll find me outdoors with a slice of pizza in one hand and a guitar pick in the other 🙂

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Bio and pic coming soon!

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Bio and pic coming soon!

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Our Products

It’s difficult to tell what toxins come from which household cleaning chemicals, so we would rather not use any of them. Especially when natural options can get the same job done. At The Purple Fig, we believe a cleaning service can be affordable, thorough, all-natural and treat employees fairly. All with the friendliness you would expect from a local Austin business.

Our Mission

We value our employees and foster a respectful work environment by sharing our profits. We are equally dedicated to serving our community. The Purple Fig Cleaning Company promotes environmentalism and localism and encourages the use of safe natural products. The following list highlights the core values that make up the heart and soul of The Purple Fig Cleaning Company.

We Strive to:

  • Support the quality of life of our employees by offering them health insurance and fostering a respectful and cooperative work environment.
  • Serve as a local and national model for a successful cleaning business that values its employees and the environment.
  • Encourage employees to strive for excellence and offer our loyal clients low employee turnover rates.
  • Promote environmentalism through the use of safe, natural products.
  • Enrich the community by promoting localism and inspiring people to use products from small local businesses rather than national corporations.
  • Educate and inspire the Austin community by serving as a model of a successful socially conscious “green” business.