Our Team Is The Best

The Purple Fig Cleaning Company is a small Austin-based cleaning business with a socially-conscious green mission. We are committed to serving our clients, employees, and the Austin community.

House Cleaning Services Austin TX - The Purple Fig Cleaning Co.

Our Mission

We value our employees and foster a respectful work environment by sharing our profits. We are equally dedicated to serving our community. The Purple Fig Cleaning Company promotes environmentalism and localism and encourages the use of safe natural products. The following list highlights the core values that make up the heart and soul of The Purple Fig Cleaning Company.

We strive to:

  • Support the quality of life of our employees by offering them health insurance and fostering a respectful and cooperative work environment.
  • Serve as a local and national model for a successful cleaning business that values its employees and the environment.
  • Encourage employees to strive for excellence and offer our loyal clients low employee turnover rates.
  • Promote environmentalism through the use of safe, natural products.
  • Enrich the community by promoting localism and inspiring people to use products from small local businesses rather than national corporations.
  • Educate and inspire the Austin community by serving as a model of a successful socially conscious “green” business.

Our Team


Amanda - CEO & Founder

Hello there! I’m a local Austinite– born here, raised abroad and then back here for college and beyond. I’m passionate about all-things-eco-friendly, yoga, running, healthy eating, etc. I also firmly believe that a cup of jasmine tea makes everything better. I love working hard to make sure our clients received the best service possible and I love the process of continuous improvement.  My hospitality experience, my degree in accounting and a deep-seeded gratitude and respect for clients & employees alike have created an unparalleled eco-cleaning service that is The Purple Fig.  I started the Fig more than 16 years ago and I’m looking forward to many more– thank you Austin, TX!


Adriana - People & Operations Manager

Hi! Austin has been home to me for over 25 hears and I love all the experiences this city has to offer!  I am a certified Yoga teacher, lover of art, books, the outdoors, music, and playing piano.  I love cooking meals from scratch with my kids, baking, and cleaning a well used kitchen! 

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Joseph - Systems & Accounts Manager

Joe is originally from Iowa City, IA but has lived in Austin for 6 years. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his daughter (usually dancing or swimming), watching TV series, and going out to eat with friends. Joe has mostly worked in restaurants and hotels but looks forward to becoming a Master Eco-Cleaning Ninja!

Natalie - Director Of Client Experience

Natalie - Director, Client Experience

Natalie is a native Austinite. She loves being outside as much as possible with her husband, daughter and their Bull Terrier Bruce. She loves spending time with family and baking yummy treats!


Gavin - Head Team Lead

As an Austin resident for almost a decade, Gavin has seen the city go through some major changes! Once he gets his marketing degree, you can expect him spearheading the growth of eco-friendly companies and doing all he can to both enjoy and preserve our great outdoors. Gavin will always find time for swimming (even if it's just in the tub!) and believes anything can be fixed with a cup of jasmine tea. 

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Lindsay - Eco Cleaning Specialist

Hello! I am a native Texan who enjoys classical music, antiquing, and spending time with my dog, DiMaggio. On weekends I use my free time to relax in my backyard, travel to historic sites, clean my home, and garden.

Lex - Team Lead

Lex - Team Lead

Lex finds that working at the Fig is a great way to explore Austin! She may be somewhat new to the area but has already marked Pflugerville Lake as a top spot for watching sunsets. At work, you’ll catch her chugging along to her favorite podcasts, but weekends are reserved for quiet coffee mornings on her balcony and quality time with her family.

Pancho - Eco Cleaning Specialist

Pancho - Team Lead

Hi, I'm Pancho! I like playing soccer and flag football whenever I can. When I'm not, I like to have game night with the homies. Some nights I like to just relax, sit back, and watch TV shows or movies with a plate of tacos on the side. 

Hannah - Field Coordinator

Hannah - Eco Cleaning Specialist

Born and raised in Texas, Hannah moved to Austin in 2022. They love being creative and making art, exploring new places, reading, writing, and cuddling with their two cats!

Preston - Eco Cleaning Specialist

Preston - Field Coordinator

Preston loves the outdoors, his dog, music, and meeting new people!

David - Eco Cleaning Specialist

David - Field Coordinator

Hi, I’m David! I’m originally from Houston but have lived in Austin most of my life. Of course, my own cats come first in my heart, but I love all animals. You can often catch me at local (and sometimes not-so-local) music festivals soaking up positive vibes and recharging with my favorite community.

Darrel - Eco Cleaning Specialist

Darrel - Eco Cleaning Specialist

My name is Darrel, and in my free time, I like to play drums, listen to audiobooks, and watch TV shows with my partner. I have a burning love for music – I go to lots and lots of concerts and I’m in a local band here in Austin!


Jamar - Eco Cleaning Specialist

Hi! My name is Jamar. I’ve lived near Austin all my life, but I only know five places max around the city. I love visiting record stores in my free time, as well as watching tv and playing Tekken with my beautiful partner.


Greg - Team Lead

Hi, I'm Greg. I'm from Dallas and new to Austin. I love music, film/TV, and nature, but my favorite thing to do is sit on the couch with my dog. I love learning and teaching new things, especially about history, language, archaeology, and anthropology. Hit me up for obscure and useless facts!


Kris - Eco Cleaning Specialist

A long time Austinite. I'm always ready to talk about dinosaurs, chemistry, physics, and all things nerdy. Learning is my favorite hobby.


Marilu - Eco Cleaning Specialist

Hey there! My name is Marilu. I take pride in what I do. I love knowing that we get to provide these services for customers and the hospitality that comes with it. 


Michaela - Eco Cleaning Specialist

Michaela moved to Austin in 2019. She finds joy in trying to identify plants on hikes, piecing together her quilt, and cooking mediocre meals for friends.


Héctor - Eco Cleaning Specialist

Hi! my name is Hector and I am a car aficionado. I was born in Austin where I spent most of my childhood but then I moved to small town south called Lockhart. I love listening to music and going to out to explore new places on my free time.


Antonio - Eco Cleaning Specialist

Hello, My name is Antonio. I love to garden, and currently intern at an organic farm! I identify as a Queer person using he/him pronouns. You can catch me listening to reggae music or listening to a podcast. My partner and I enjoy light hikes and neighborhood walks in the evenings and early mornings to reconnect, and would love to try doing yoga in the park. I am an amateur cook, but love to try out new ideas 🙂


Jasmine - Eco Cleaning Specialist

Hello, I'm Jasmine! I was born and raised in Austin but have recently moved just outside of the city. I have an orange tabby that is my baby - he has to be center of attention! I love to explore Austin and see what fun I can get into.


Tiffany - Eco Cleaning Specialist

Hello there, I'm Tiffany (: I was born and raised in Austin, in my free time I like to explore nature, and kill it in the gym! I also have two beautiful babies who I like to take on my adventures!


Heather - Eco Cleaning Specialist

Howdy, I'm Heather! I'm a native Texas, but I lived all over the country before coming back over a decade ago. I enjoy making art, writing, cooking, hanging out with my amazing kiddo, and spending time with my parter, who I adore. 


Hannah - Eco Cleaning Specialist

I'm a fun loving girl with a positive attitude! I like reading, dancing, and I believe music is life. I'm willing to try new things and make new friends! I love Disney so much that my husband is convinced I'm a spy for Walt Disney himself. I try to look at things not as the glass is half full or half empty, but as there's something in my cup so at least I'm not thirsty 🙂


Jose - Eco Cleaning Specialist

Hi! Im Jose, been here in Austin for about 20 years. I spend most of my time working but I also enjoy watching/playing soccer. I love the summer and like fishing and the outdoors.

Jacob - Eco Cleaning Specialist

Hi there! I was born and raised in Brownsville, Texas and moved to Austin in 2020. I loved learning Chemistry throughout my school life. I like to spend my free time by playing games with my friends, being a home body, making new foods, and spending time with family.