See What's Included In Our Cleaning Services

Cleaning Checklists

Barton Springs Essential CleanDeep Eddy Complete CleanMove In/Out Add On
All Rooms
Dust from top to bottom
Dust all furniture
Clean all glass surfaces
Remove prints/smudges
Sanitize light switches
Basic straighteningN/A
Empty trash and recycling wastebaskets
All floors and stairs vacuumed and mopped
Scrub and sanitize sink
Sanitize countertops and clean backsplash
Dishes loaded into dishwasher (if empty)N/A
Microwave: cleaned inside & out
Stove: clean top, front, and glass
Fridge: clean top, front, sides, and seals
Make bedsN/A
Change linens (please leave on bed)N/A
Clean and sanitize toilet, sink, and tub areas
Clean mirrors and vanity
Priority 9AM start timeAdd onAdd onAdd on
Fridge: CleanAdd onAdd on
Oven: CleanAdd onAdd on
Dishwasher: CleanAdd onAdd on
Detail kitchen cabinet frontsAdd onAdd on
Washing machine cleanAdd onAdd on
Detailed couch vacuumAdd onN/A
Deluxe Clean Upgrade:
Blinds & baseboards hand-wiped
Add onAdd on
Clean drawer interiors and cabinets in all rooms

* Only the primary bathroom is cleaned with the Barton Spring Essentials Clean.

What's Not Included In Our Standard Cleaning Package

Probably just as important as what is included in our standard service is to note what is not included or an extra cleaning service that you can add on.


  • Laundry - We do not provide laundry services. There are just too many variables to consider for us to take on doing in-home laundry service. It would also not allow us to complete your home in a time frame that would allow for competitive pricing. 
  • Dishes - We will load your dishwasher if it is empty, but we do not unload dishwashers or wash dishes by hand. This gives us more time to focus on the important areas of getting your home deep cleaned.
  • Pickup - We are happy to provide additional pickup services, but it is not included in our standard cleaning price. Picking up before your visit helps us save time so we can focus on the cleaning tasks listed above. But if you do want us to pick up, organize, or do other tasks before we start cleaning, we can.
  • Grout Restoration - Discolored grout often needs restoration, and a general cleaning will not restore its original condition. This can be a very labor, chemical, and tool-intensive task. We have great recommendations if you need this service.
  • Move Furniture - For a variety of reasons including safety, and to preserve the finishes of your floors and the integrity of your furniture, we will not move furniture. We will move dining room chairs, and other furnishings that can be easily moved to accommodate cleaning underneath a table, etc.
  • Work on Ladders - Due to insurance and to keep our pricing competitive, we cannot work on ladders beyond 3 steps. We use extension poles to dust and clean high areas like fans and trim. But if you need heavy hand cleaning in high areas we are not able to accommodate those services.
  • Mini Blinds - Due to the material and size of these types of blinds, we are unable to individually wipe down each blind with a cloth. We cannot guarantee 100% removal of dust and debris from mini-blinds. 
  • Musical Instruments - Regarding any musical instruments, due to the fact that these can be family heirlooms and expensive, we will not dust/clean any pianos, guitars, keyboards, soundboards, etc. If you would like us to dry dust a piano we do request you contact the office to sign a waiver of responsibility. 
  • Post Con Clean - We do not offer post construction clean up. Since we are eco friendly, our tools and products are not equipped to handle the type of dust and debris involved in this type of clean. 
  • Interior of Cabinets & Appliances - While not part of our standard cleaning services, we are happy to add these items to your cleanings.