Kill Mold – Volume II

You know that quirky little video I did last week, trying to kill the mold?

I did another one this week. It was great! It went very smoothly. Until I imported it and noticed that the second half some button must have been pushed that made it a very artsy sepia tone. Lovely. Unless, of course, you’re trying to show how clean a white surface is.

So folks, I’ll just describe it to you. Paint a picture with words, as it were.

This week I tried the grapefruit and the tea tree oil. I added some hydrogen peroxide to both, hoping that it would seep into the caulk and rid us of the stain that was left last week.

I now have the most disinfected shower corner in all of Austin. But you couldn’t tell by looking at it. The stain seems to be quite stubbornly deep into the caulk. At this point, dear readers, I can only offer you two solution and one of them is abhorrent. I would just replace the caulk and then start using the tips to keep the mold away from the very beginning.  It’s quick, it’s easy and requires just a scraping device to remove the caulk and a new tube of caulk. Make sure it’s the kitchen/bathroom kind. They hold up to the moisture properly.

Thanks for your patience with our video experimentation. We haven’t given up!