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Hospital Corners 101

We’re all guilty of it — leaning over a freshly laid bed sheet, staring at the mattress corner like a rubix cube…straining to recall which way to fold what part of the sheet to create that perfect, taut little crease…and then, defeated, cramming the sheet under the mattress in shame. Well worry no more! The timeRead More

Set the Mood for a Green Valentine’s Day!

Already read through our guide to local fine dining, but need that pièce de résistance for your beloved this Valentine’s Day? Never fear! These eco-friendly romantic gifts are guaranteed to woo your green sweetie.

Laundry Folding 101: The Fitted Bedsheet

We’ve all been there: staring at a pile of freshly laundered clothes- as unorganized and chaotic as they’ll ever be -struggling to calculate how long it will realistically take you to untangle your stretchy leggings from 3 pairs of your underwear. But nothing, not even matching all 20 pairs of those socks, is as daunting as the bedsheets —Read More

Netflix Picks: Docs to Watch This Winter

Finally the bitterly cold winter weather has us in its icy grip, and families- especially Texans -turn inward for some much-needed hibernation under the couch blankets. If you find yourself nestled in front of the television for several hours with no clue what to watch, the Purple Fig encourages you to switch on Netflix and enjoy your holiday breakRead More

Have a White (and Green!) Christmas

Christmas is finally here! With the flurry of the season’s hustle and bustle rushing by, we at the Purple Fig want to wish you the happiest of holidays with a simple, easy, and organic recipe for Christmas’s most heralded tradition: homemade candy canes!

Why Natural Is Better In Cleaning

At The Purple Fig, we believe a cleaning service can be affordable, thorough and all-natural. We place an emphasis on “all-natural” because the heart of our company beats green. Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy and clean environment for your family, kids and pets by using all-natural cleaning supplies made from our ownRead More


A brief summary of cleaning chemicals: do benefits outweigh the cost. Since conventional cleaning products can contain upwards of 20 individual ingredients, it is difficult to directly link an individual cleaning chemical to increased asthma, allergies, fatigue, cancer, etc. My initial reaction to this agrees with the The Precautionary Principle: a moral and political principleRead More

Our Interview with

Purple Fig – Austin’s Green Cleaning Company with a Heart “Purple Fig is a natural cleaning service in the greater Austin area — all the clean with none of the chemicals,” said owner Amanda May. “We make and use only green cleaning products, which we ship nationwide. We provide free recipes for everything we sell,Read More

Austin Woman Magazine: Creating Healthy Spaces

My husband and I had been working on changing to a greener lifestyle when I met Amanda May at the Sunset Valley Farmer’s Market. She mentioned that The Purple Fig was putting on a natural cleaning seminar and I thought that learning how to make my own products instead of purchasing green cleaners seemed ideal.”Read More

Craft Magazine: A Party Clean Enough for Gaia

Parties begin and end with cleaning. Many event producers agree that guests keep a clean space clean and make a messy space dirty because they follow the intention they feel in the room when they arrive.


The Purple Fig Cleaning Company is a small Austin-based cleaning business with a socially-conscious “green” mission. We are committed to serving our clients, employees and the Austin community.

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