Set the Mood for a Green Valentine’s Day!

Already read through our guide to local fine dining, but need that pièce de résistance for your beloved this Valentine’s Day? Never fear! These eco-friendly romantic gifts are guaranteed to woo your green sweetie.

Recycled Glass Pendants

Worried you’ll have to empty your wallet for expensive store-bought jewelry this year? Eco-friendly recyclable pendants are at your service! Check out Bottled Up Designs and Paloma Pottery to springboard some upcycled ideas.

If you prefer new jewelry for your sweetie, consider buying conflict-free products to ensure the safety and justice of third world workers.

Recycled or Homemade Cards

The exchange of Valentine’s Day cards is an age-old tradition, but unfortunately thousands of trees are sacrificed in the process. Express your love for your sweetheart and Mother Earth with cards made of recycled stock!

Organic Beeswax Candles

Conjuring up a romantic atmosphere is hard enough without those carcinogenic, chemical-based candles. Visit Candles by Deganit and Eternal Returns on Etsy for organic and chem-free beeswax candles, or peruse both domestic and international retailers like Emz Blendz Soap Co., Northern Light Candle Company, Savannah Bee Company, & Big Dipper Wax Works.

To add a personal touch, make your own DIY beeswax candles!

Organic, Chemical-Free Perfumes

Instead of purchasing a fragrance full of synthetic aromas and harmful chemicals, lavish your loved one’s skin with perfume oils comprised of pure essential oils and natural tinctures! Check out TreeHugger’s 12 organic perfume brands and explore scent the way nature intended.

Artisan-Made or Antique Gifts

The search for that one-of-a-kind Valentine’s gift can be maddening if you’re surrounded by the identical, factory-made products riddled throughout the average store. Ease your troubles with locally crafted, artisan-made, and/or antique products: customized and usually handmade, these items not only support local craftsmen but are unique and (oftentimes) originals.

Sustainable Lingerie

Feeling naughty, yet environmentally responsible? Check out Ecouterre’s 14 Eco-Friendly Lingerie Gifts to see which sustainable skivvy brand catches your eye!

Enjoy a Homemade Spa Day

Not only is a DIY spa day hundreds of dollars cheaper than an appointment — its ingredients can be 100% organic and eco-friendly! Surprise our Valentine with a massage using one of our Handmade Lotions for Happy Skin, treat him/her to a chemical-free Edible Facial Scrub, and enhance the aroma of the bubbly tub with organic essential oils.

Organic Wines

A glass of wine is a staple during Valentine’s Day…but knowing how many pesticides touched those fermented grapes is taking it a step further. Read about the Ins and Outs of Non-GMO Beer & Wine, and discover 9 quality, organic brands to try this February (or year-round!).

Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Candy

Spread the message of Love and Caring with the purchase of Fair Trade chocolate products this Valentine’s Day, providing benefits to the workers in third world countries who grow, pluck, and prepare these delicacies for you!

  • Find organic/gluten-free/vegan/Fair Trade/Made in USA goodies online at the Natural Candy Store.
  • Check out Lake Champlain’s organic/Fair Trade chocolates cooked up especially for Valentine’s Day here.
  • Study up on Fair Trade USA’s list of certified Fair Trade chocolates, roses, coffees, baked goods, and spirits here!
  • Naturally, there’s always Amazon shopping to assist you in your organic/Fair Trade search.
  • And don’t forget the organic cake mix for a homemade treat!

Organic Food Coloring

Baking heart-shaped sweets for your Valentine? Ditch the chemically questionable food dyes and bring its color to life organically! Shop for organic/gluten-free/Kosher/vegan baking supplies at Nature’s Flavors, Natural Candy Store, and Color Garden…or make your own with Nourishing Joy’s Homemade Food Coloring tutorial!