The Life of a Sponge

We made a decision a while back to use sponges. It was a hard decision for us, as we like to do things as green as possible and sponges can be a waste. We weighed the decision on factors that include saving our customers money. It’s quicker to use a sponge on surfaces like sinks, tubs and stovetops. Previously, we had been doing everything with just our towels that we clean ourselves using Seventh Generation products.

While I was researching a new source for our towels, (they get linty after long-term use) I came across a They had several sponge choices. The first one I chose is the  loofah-sponge hybrid. So now, we’re doing in the field testing to see how long they actually last during our deep cleans. These sponges are amazing and are also compostable. We may even have found a local farm that can use these in their compost, completing the local, green and organic circle.

The blue sponges we normally use can wear out quickly. The sponge part seems okay, but the useful, speedier scritchy part wears down, making it less effective than a cloth.

Photo of old sponges

Sponges used once or twice, all used up!

photo of a new sponge

A brand new sponge, scritchy still intact.

So the new, hopefully more efficient and green sponges are on trial.

photo of new loofah sponges

Brand new loofah-sponge hybrids, both sides.

photo of loofah sponge after 3 cleans

Loofah-sponge hybrid after 3 cleans so far. That's 9 hours!

Watch for an update on Friday evening (or Saturday, you never know with me) to see what it looks like at the end of a week. Cross your fingers!