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The Austin Recycle Games!

A 2015 independent study revealed that one Texas city haphazardly tosses away 46% compostable material and 44% recyclable material into its local landfill, leaving room for a meager 10% of actual landfill garbage and unwittingly throwing away an estimated $4.7 million in recyclables. That city, ladies and gentleman, is Austin, Texas.

Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Planning a much-needed summer getaway this year? Whether you’ve only just begun hatching those vacation plans, or you’re already zipping up the luggage bag, don’t forget to keep your carbon footprint in mind during your travels! There are many simple and helpful ways to experience an amazing journey while still being kind to the planet.

Mother’s Day Gifts with the Earth in Mind

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, there are plenty of eco-friendly gifts and crafts to explore, all tailored to shower your mom (and the environment!) in clean, eco-conscious love. All of the old stand-bys can be substituted with green alternatives, along with original and out-of-the-box DIY gifts that not only celebrate the beauty of your mom,Read More

In.gredients – Now Open! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Every now and then, you find a business that you just love. This weekend, in.gredients became that place for me. They opened their doors on August 4th and I’ve been there twice already. They offer local, fresh organic items, many of which are zero packaging. Only food safety regulations stop some items from being zeroRead More

A Shower of Products

When we clean your home, we move items on your counters and in your shower. While putting various products back into the shower or tub, I pondered the array of products I’ve seen in different homes and my own. Now, I realize I’m an anomaly amongst my peers, but I only have two products inRead More

Free Paint!

While attempting to follow the reduce, reuse then recycle mantra, what do you do about household paint? Living a green life doesn’t necessarily mean you have to watch the paint start peeling off of your walls before you do something about it. You can reduce your use of paint by only buying the quantity youRead More

All You Ever Need

All you ever need in a sponge! The great sponge trial is over, with fantastic results. After 10 house cleanings, the loofah/sponge hybrid is still going. The pros and cons: Pros: The hybrid is long lasting and compostable. Far more green than I had even hoped. Once wet, it is flexible and easy to use.Read More

The Life of a Sponge

We made a decision a while back to use sponges. It was a hard decision for us, as we like to do things as green as possible and sponges can be a waste. We weighed the decision on factors that include saving our customers money. It’s quicker to use a sponge on surfaces like sinks,Read More

Reuse Ideas

We’re not just about the cleaning here at The Purple Fig…we’re all about the planet and doing what we can to not destroy it. With that in mind, I’ve decided to collect our reuse ideas in one spot. Right here in the blog! It makes it easier for all of us to search by tagsRead More


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