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Pumpkin Seed Delight

As pumpkin sales skyrocket this week, consider the delicious insides of the orange squash as well as the outer shell. Why spend your hard earned money on a pumpkin to carve…but discard those delicious and nutritious seeds? Munch on this recipe after carving your jack-o-lantern, as a well-suited appetizer to your sweet Halloween treats! Why Pumpkin SeedsRead More

Natural Sunscreens to Beat the Heat

Anyone who lives in Texas knows of its infamous, scorchingly hot summer days…and most of us have been burned once or twice by its fierce heat. But while your first instinct to battle the summer sun is to reach for your trusty sunscreen, consider the chemicals and synthetics injected into the product. Many sunscreen labels thatRead More

Mind, Body & Nature: Austin’s Unique and Earth-Friendly Summer Camps of 2015

With mere weeks separating you and your little ones from the sunny warmth of July, you may be scrambling to find engaging and educational activities to keep your kiddos occupied during those long summer days. Never fear, though–for we have compiled a list of the most enriching local summer camps that are sure to ward off anyRead More

The Cleaning Fairy

Children seem to be fascinated by our cleaning process. Amongst my clients, there is a little girl that started following me around as soon as she learned to walk. One boy runs around the house pretending to vacuum during the week, cheerfully announcing that he has to get to his ‘next house’. Yet another, uponRead More


The Purple Fig Cleaning Company is a small Austin-based cleaning business with a socially-conscious “green” mission. We are committed to serving our clients, employees and the Austin community.

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Use natural products and the highest quality tools to provide exceptional cleanliness.

Be accountable to our customers and employees. We are bonded and insured and hire locals from Austin. We provide employee benefits like health insurance and fair pay.

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