The Cleaning Fairy

Children seem to be fascinated by our cleaning process. Amongst my clients, there is a little girl that started following me around as soon as she learned to walk. One boy runs around the house pretending to vacuum during the week, cheerfully announcing that he has to get to his ‘next house’. Yet another, upon meeting me during his spring break, asked: “Can I help you clean?” I was tickled!

Kids these days.

They’re pretty great, actually.

It often appears to the parents as if I’m some sort of Pied Piper to their children. I know that it’s just the novelty of having someone new in their homes.

However, children can absolutely help around the house. It can be fun, too! I remember one client had told her kids that I was the cleaning fairy. Besides being sweet (and not calling me ‘the maid’,) this gave me an idea.

The Cleaning Fairy Game

Game Pieces:

  • a tulle skirt or elfin shoes
  • an elfin hat or tiara
  • microfiber cloth (optional)
  • tiny broom (optional)


  • dust
  • sweep
  • organize toys/books


  • Set a timer. Use age and attention span appropriate times, usually 3 to 15 minutes. You know your kids best!
  • Only bring out the game pieces for the game.
  • Invite them to play and try to avoid making it an order. (I was a foot-stamper as a child, but I’d do anything if I was asked to help!)
  • Ask which goal they would like to play that session.

We invite you to come up with your own games and share them here with other parents looking for inspiration.

Happy Cleaning!