Composting for All

Composting has a multitude of benefits for you and the environment. It makes a great amendment for soil that you can use in your garden or plants with it’s high nutrient content. Diverting waste from entering landfills and being able to use what would have been in your trash bin is about as green and eco-friendly as it gets. Compost has also been shown to help with erosion, clean contaminated soil and reduces or eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers. If you think of how all of these things benefit the environment by reducing waste, helping to grow plants, cleaning soil and not adding chemicals and generally making your world nicer to be in, breath in and look at, choosing to compost is a no brainer.

Composting can take a bit of time and effort. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, there’s a good beginners guide at Plow & Hearth. There’s also a useful guide at Eartheasy.

Composting benefits us all, but if you (like me), don’t have a green thumb or live in an apartment, fear not. You can still contribute to compost and help keep the size of the landfills down. Here in ATX, Green Thumb Compost will come to your door. They have an impressive assortment of different levels of service. Apartment dwellers either need to have at least 5 people within the complex to sign up, or speak with your management to have the complex serviced. You can get at least 4 of your neighbors to help the environment!

What about your business office? There’s a service for that as well. See Green Thumb above or try Break it Down.

Last, but not least: if you’re on a budget, try dropping off your compost at someplace like Organics by Gosh.

Happy Composting!