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Your Guide to Local Health-Based Grocers

We all get stuck in grocery ruts from time to time — driving to the same ol’ national store chain, complacently tossing questionable food products in the cart, tediously pushing past the brightly colored displays of bagged sugar and pre-processed meals. While shopping familiar may be comfortable, why not do your body a favor and zest upRead More

The Whole Foods Labeling Debate

Sloughing through the grocery aisle is difficult enough these days, with labels like “non-GMO”, “organic”, and “USDA approved” stamped- oftentimes recklessly, as with the case of the misleading “all-natural” sticker -above rows of both produce and dry foods alike. While a superior diet inarguably consists of 100% organic food, Whole Foods Market’s recent announcement of their entirely newRead More

Fine Dining for You (and Your Valentine)

Be you single, newly coupled, or in a relationship, Austin’s decadent and delicious healthy dining does not discriminate! We at the Purple Fig understand how overwhelming this city’s restaurant variety can be, so we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of organic, vegan, locally sourced, gluten-free, and overall health-conscious brick and mortars guaranteed to leave an impression on youRead More

Mind, Body & Nature: Austin’s Unique and Earth-Friendly Summer Camps of 2015

With mere weeks separating you and your little ones from the sunny warmth of July, you may be scrambling to find engaging and educational activities to keep your kiddos occupied during those long summer days. Never fear, though–for we have compiled a list of the most enriching local summer camps that are sure to ward off anyRead More

Special Guest Star – Hydrogen Peroxide

This week in beautiful Austin, I brought a special guest star to my cleans: H2O2! Being green, we don’t bring chlorinated products (or any harmful chemicals) into our client’s homes. This means we find creative, safe, eco-friendly alternatives to solve issues like The Pink Scourge. It’s that pink tinted bacteria that gathers in the commodeRead More

Composting for All

Composting has a multitude of benefits for you and the environment. It makes a great amendment for soil that you can use in your garden or plants with it’s high nutrient content. Diverting waste from entering landfills and being able to use what would have been in your trash bin is about as green andRead More


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