Tip Tuesday – Sponges

Sponges. Nature’s little mops.

We have just a few thoughts on sponges we’d like to share with you.

Abrasiveness: Most sponges have an abrasive side. We call it the scritchy. But you can definitely scratch your beautiful fixtures and even glass with a too scritchy sponge!

The easiest way to tell the difference between the mild and heavy abrasive factors is the color. The blue is mild and the green is harsher.

We use the blue for general purpose, with a lighter touch on glass or marble. We save the green for tile or tubs with stubborn soap and scum.

Care: Yes, you need to care for your sponges! Make them last by putting them in the dishwasher with a load to sanitize them. You can even launder them.

Alternative: There are green “sponges” out there. EcoWise carries an EcoSponge made from recycled wood chips. Looks and sounds fantastic.

Let us know if you try it first!