Should I Tip My Cleaning Service?


Should I tip my cleaning service?  This is one question you may feel awkward asking, but the truth is, there isn’t a standard you must adhere to.  When our clients ask about tipping, the answer we give is, “Tipping is never expected, but always appreciated.” We want out clients to feel comfortable either way.

We apologize that the answer is not simply yes or no, and it can even get more complicated when you use a service (like a professional cleaner) on a regular basis. If you have a regularly scheduled cleaning service, you may not want to tip once a week, but you might feel like you want to do something extra. In that case, we usually recommend you give some kind of bonus to your regular cleaners at the end of the year or during the holiday season. Again, we cannot stress enough that this is not obligatory. 

We strive to support the quality of life of our employees by offering them health insurance and fostering a respectful and cooperative work environment.  By paying our staff members a fair wage and by offering profit sharing, we create a cooperative business culture where our staff members are dedicated to providing excellent service to our clients. 

Unlike service workers in the restaurant industry, our staff do not rely on tips to survive.  Also, our prices reflect what we believe is a fair price to all parties involved (to both our team and our clients). Our prices are listed right here.

However, we also recognize that the work our amazing staff does can sometimes be worth more to our clients, which is always a great feeling, regardless of whether or not they tip.  We do not discourage you from tipping if you feel like they deserve it.

Ultimately, when it comes to tipping, it is up to you!  We want everyone involved to feel comfortable.  Our primary goal is providing you with the best service possible.

Our staff will be extremely respectful and appreciative of any gratuity, no matter what the amount or type or frequency, though a tip is never expected.  If a member of our staff refuses a tip, please do not feel offended or rejected. Since our team is paid fairly across the board, the biggest compliment you can pay us is by hiring us again and again. Thanks again to all of our wonderful clients. We love you all!