These People Make Our World Go Round!

Today is Employee Appreciation Day!  Some employers may choose to treat their employees to a special lunch or give out gift cards today.  However, we feel that employees should be appreciated all year long!  Fair employee practices are a huge part of our mission and how we operate.

You can see that we care about the environment because we go to the effort of making our own all-natural cleaners. Our responsibility extends beyond the environment; we care about people too, and not just our clients, our team members as well. One of the benefits of natural cleaners is that they are healthier for the people who live in the homes that are being cleaned and they are healthier for the people who do the cleaning.  Our employees are exposed to the cleaners we use all day long.  We know you want a safe and healthy home, free of toxins and chemicals.  We foster a safe working environment and value healthy employees.

Our appreciation for our employees is evident in the way we treat our team members.  We support the quality of life of our employees by offering them health insurance and fostering a respectful and cooperative work environment.  Worrying about the possibility of crippling medical bills or fearing that a visit to the doctor will be cost prohibitive is no way to live.  Access to health care is important and we believe that employers have a responsibility to provide this to their team members.  We value our employees and demonstrate this by sharing our profits. Hard work should be rewarded and we want our team members to have the opportunity and benefit of sharing in the fruits of their labor.

The Purple Fig is an ethical company that cares about the environment and values people, especially our own! 

To all our team members, please know that we appreciate you today and everyday.  Thank you for all your hard work!