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100% Natural Sugar Ant Repellent

During this awkward, semi-annual Transition of the Seasons (Spring/Summer edition), the weather in the great state of Texas oftentimes finds itself straddling crisp breezes and suffocating humidity. Along with this infamous fluctuation in temperature comes the reawakening of our infamous summertime pests: house and fruit flies, June bugs, mosquitoes, and cicadas just to name a few. But oneRead More

Have a White (and Green!) Christmas

Christmas is finally here! With the flurry of the season’s hustle and bustle rushing by, we at the Purple Fig want to wish you the happiest of holidays with a simple, easy, and organic recipe for Christmas’s most heralded tradition: homemade candy canes!

Autumn Closet Detox

Every year, as the weather jumps from humid and sweaty to bitterly cold, we Texans take its cue and scramble to prepare for winter during a small window of time: rediscovering our storage bins, relocating those ornaments and decorations, and repurposing our closets for cold temperatures. But nothing is more off-putting than pulling out your winter wardrobe…only toRead More

Nature’s Secret to Allergy Relief

The arrival of Fall usually results in a period of annual confusion for us in Texas: on the one hand, the summer heat flickers out to a cooler autumn breeze, a considerable amount of pumpkins go on display in neighborhood yards, and excited whispers of turkey (and football) fill the air; on the other hand,Read More


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