Should I Stay at Home When The Cleaners Come?

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Should I stay at home when the cleaners come or should I be out of the house?

The answer: whatever you are comfortable with.

We have clients that do both and a range of things in between.  For the initial cleaning, many people prefer to stay at home while we clean.  Then you can show us the ropes of your home and what exactly you would like cleaned and we can learn about all your preferences.  After this initial cleaning many clients find it more convenient  to let us come clean while they are at work or running errands, so they can come home to a clean house.  The point of a cleaning service is for us to make your life easier.  When you are busy with work, family, kids, pets, social engagements, activities and all the hustle and bustle of daily life, we love to help relieve some of your stress by taking on those cleaning tasks.

Our bottom line is that clients should do whatever they are most comfortable with, whether that is staying home while we clean or doing something else outside the home.

Some of the concern of why a person would want to stay home while the cleaners are there has to do with trust.  When someone comes into your home and personal space, trust is important.  We get that you might not feel comfortable with strangers in your home, but when we hire our team members, we don’t just pay for the cheapest background check.  We opt for a higher level comprehensive background check for our staff members.  In our line of work, trust and reliability are extremely important because you are entrusting your home and possessions to our care.  You need to feel comfortable with who we send into your home.  The vetting process for our staff members and new hires takes into account the personal nature of the work we do.

 You do not need to be home during the clean. Sometimes, people like to be home to meet us and show us around the house, especially if it’s the first clean. Some clients give us a key to keep, some hide a key under the doormat or a flower pot.  However, we also have a client that will clean right along with us.  Our two team members that come to this client’s house will act as her personal assistants that she directs as they clean right alongside her. 

Whether you work part-time, full-time, have a house full of kids or pets or both, we know that everyone has different needs and we love to help you fill in wherever you need us.  Stay home, go run errands, go to work, leave a key or access code, work from home, take your kids to the park or work right alongside us, we will adapt to your needs.

Should I stay home or leave the house while the cleaners are in? The correct answer is whatever suits you!