Why Shopping Local Matters


Localism is one of the tenets of our business structure.  We strive to enrich the community by promoting localism and inspiring people to use products from small local businesses rather than national corporations.  “Shop local” or “go local” are phrases commonly bandied about, especially here in Austin.  But does patronizing local businesses really matter or make a difference? Yes!  

As you are hurrying to finish up your holiday shopping please keep some of these principles in mind and choose local when you can.  

  • When you shop local, you help support community groups.  Small business owners are more likely to support area nonprofits and organizations, because they are more visible to others who live in the same community.
  • Supporting local businesses helps our community maintain its unique character.  Large businesses and corporations must standardize their stores and services to maximize efficiency and profits.  As residents of our community, local business owners understand the idiosyncrasies of our area and can help add their own one-of-a-kind flavor to our neighborhood.
  • Buying a local product or service is investing in our community’s future!  Businesses owners who live in the community are more likely to stick around and are interested and invested in the future of the area.  Local ownership means that when important decisions are made by citizens of the area they will also feel the impacts of those decisions.
  • You are guaranteed a more relevant and diverse range of products and services when you stay local because a multitude of small business owners are selecting products and services based on the needs of their customers and their interests, not a store manager with a national sales plan in hand.
  • Patronizing local businesses can help create jobs and employ your neighbors.  Locally owned businesses are more likely to hire from within the surrounding community.
  • Local profits increase the community’s wealth, tax revenue and standard of living.
  • Keeping money local benefits everyone in the community.  A think tank, The New Economics Foundation, compared what happened when people bought produce at a supermarket vs. a farmer’s market and found that twice the money stayed in the community when people bought locally.  This means that local purchases are twice as efficient! (Source: http://content.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,1903632,00.html)
  • Spending your money locally is like voting with your wallet.  Your votes for this business also mean you are casting a vote to improve the community.
  • When you shop local, you avoid shipping costs.

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