Safe, Natural, Pet-Friendly Cleaners

Pets are family members too!  Our dogs are a part of our family and we know that our clients love their pets just as much.  Pets are one of the many reasons why people choose a natural, environmentally-friendly cleaning service for their homes.  We worry about our kids (whether they are human or animal) drinking, breathing, licking or ingesting in any way dangerous or toxic chemicals.  While kids crawl around and play on the floor, pets live their whole lives on the floor.  Pets eat, sleep and play on some of the surfaces that we clean the most.  Why would you want your kitchen floor cleaned with strong chemicals that might be dangerous or irritating for your dog or cat? 

We are extremely conscience of any pets we encounter during our cleans.  We love getting to know your pets more as we develop a rapport with you while making your home a pleasant place to return to at the end of the day.

One of our top concerns when interviewing a new client is their pets! Some of the questions we may ask you during an initial interview include:

  • Do you have any pets?
  • How many pets?
  • What kind of pets? Cats? Dogs?
  • Do you have indoor or outdoor cats?

Indoor cats are particularly concerning because we wouldn’t want a cat to get lost. A door left open or the wrong animal let out could end in disaster.  These questions are important to us because they enable us to better understand the daily habits of your family members and how your household operates.

We only use natural cleaners, so you never have to worry about dangerous chemicals near or on the surfaces where your pets live. A weekly Purple Fig cleaning appointment affords your pets a healthier environment, but we also make your home a more enjoyable space for you and your two-legged family members.  Pet hair, dandruff and all those dust bunnies can pile up much quicker with pets around, a routine cleaning can help cut down on some of those unwanted fuzzies. 

Your pets aren’t an afterthought for us, in fact we perform a few additional tasks in homes where pets live.  The areas where pets eat and drink have a tendency to get a little messy.  Mats under food and water bowls where crumbs accumulate are cleaned off, while all water bowls are filled with fresh water.

Pets are a bright spot in our day! We love to come into your home, greet your pets and get to work.  Hopefully, we are a bright spot in your pets day too.  A friendly face and loving pat can help break up a long day when pet parents are away at work.

Do you want an eco-friendly cleaner to help make your home safe and heathy for your pets? Contact us here