Recycled Valentine Crafts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we have a few crafts in mind to help you and your kids celebrate!  Each craft makes use of a recycled element, so you can repurpose while you get creative.

Watercolor Newspaper Hearts

Recycle newspapers to create this fun craft.  The end effect is really pretty and even young children can lend an artistic hand.  The trick is to paint the pages of newsprint before you cut them into heart shapes. 

Shark “Boxes”

Not every Valentine’s Day craft has to be pink, red and covered in hearts. While lace and bows may traditionally cater to girls, boys (and some girls) may fall in love with these sharks.  Use craft foam, wrapping paper and an empty can to make these Valentine’s Day card holders. 

Crayon Hearts

This craft is a little more involved as it requires an oven and breaking up crayons.  However, it is a great way to reuse all those old broken crayon pieces.  One thing needed that you may not have on hand is a heart-shaped brownie tray. 

Puzzle Hearts

If you have a puzzle with a few too many missing pieces, you could repurpose it into a heart-shaped wreath!  Alternatively you could glue individual pieces onto construction paper to make Valentine’s Day cards.  There are so many possibilities: “You are my missing piece” or “I love you to pieces”! 

Paper Roll Heart Stamp

Save a few toilet paper rolls, bend them into a heart shape, dip in paint and start stamping!  This is another great craft to do with younger children, the suggested age range is 2-year-olds to 8-year-olds.

Paper Roses

A bouquet of paper roses created from magazine pages will cost a lot less and last a lot longer than a real one!  The key to this craft is using really colorful images. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!