What’s New(s) with You?

We’ve been busy as little beavers here at The Purple Fig!

First, we would like to give a warm, clean, green welcome to our newest member of the cleaning team: Welcome Madeline! After the Fig’s rigorous training and education process, you may see Madeline in your home on her own.

We’re also gearing up to make our appearance at the Barton Creek Farmer’s Market. Look for our booth and swing by to pick up some of our environmentally friendly counter spray. The first two initial offerings will be Oregano & Lavender and Oregano & Mint. Cleaning up after dinner has never been so relaxing! Be sure to bring the kids: we’ll have the essential ingredients they need to take home their own smaller bottle after learning how to mix it up.

In Other News:

We try to keep up with the latest news and I thought I’d share a couple of blogs that I like to check in with to stay on top of the world of eco-consciousness:

The New York Times green blog covers a global scope of energy and environmental subjects.

Green Blog is a passionate blog written by contributors from all over the globe. It has the added benefit of a community page where you can post questions about how to reduce your carbon footprint and generally improve your green-ness!

Have a great week everyone and drink lots of water!