Local Planting – ATX

We are heading into the Texas summer heat and thoughts of drought and low lake levels are on everyone’s minds. There are ways that all of us can help. Using native and/or adapted plants is a simple way and also brings beauty and oxygen to our world.

Fall Aster

Native plants have adapted to our hot, dry conditions and will require far less water. They’ve also evolved to handle our local bugs and pests, so they’ll stay healthier and so will you because you won’t be needing those carcinogenic chemicals! Less pesticide use also means less chemicals running into our waterways.


Texas Lantana


These local lovelies also attract birds and butterflies, exponentially increasing the beauty of your landscape. Add a rain barrel or two, and you may never pay to water your landscape again!

Blackfoot Daisy


The City of Austin Watershed Protection has a great site and they publish a beautiful, full color guide to help you in your selections. They even have a resource to help you design your landscape!

So go forth and plant green! And yellow, and purple and red…