How to Plan A Kid’s Birthday Party in Austin

If you have a kiddo with a spring or summer birthday, party planning may be on your mind.  There are a variety of party venues and vendors around Austin that cater to kids of all ages with different interests. We hope that our guide will help you get your party planning off to a great start! 

Frozen Fever

If you have a little one under the age of 7, then chances are Anna and Elsa are big time celebrities in your home.  It’s almost crazy that we have an entire section dedicated to Frozen, but there is a whole birthday industry in Austin built around these beloved characters.  Looks like Frozen Fever isn’t thawing or fading away anytime soon.

If your child would love a visit from Princess Anna or Queen Elsa (notice we understand the importance of that subtle distinction), we hear that these performers are some of the best in the area.  Many of these performers have other characters in their repertoire, if your child idolizes a different princess or personality.

Party at the Park

If your vision of a child’s birthday is something a little more traditional and laid back (not to mention less expensive), there are several parks throughout the Austin area where you can have a picnic style party.  Some of the larger parks may require a fee to reserve tables or a pavilion.  You can start planning your Austin party in the park here.  Some of our favorites include Patterson Park and Pool, which has a shaded pavilion area with picnic tables and Mueller Lake Park, which has lots of open space, ducks, food trucks and is located next to The Thinkery. 

Austin Venues

Parties are a lot of hard work, but the best gift you may give yourself is not having to clean-up after a dozen second graders have visited your home. There are a plethora of places where you can party across Austin that will match a profusion of interests.

Good luck to all the party planning parents out there!