Holiday Crafts for Kids

Holiday Crafts for Kids Smiley Face

Ah, the holidays.  The most wondrous and joyous time of the year for everyone.  Everything is going perfectly as planned.  All of the gifts are already purchased, pristinely wrapped and sitting under the tree, waiting for your grateful and angelic children to…rip them apart.

Does your holiday season sound a little different than this?  Ours too.  Things get crazy.  When the kids have more time off from school that means they can get bored, and bored kids make for interesting times while you are rushing from here to there to buy gifts, attend parties and see family. Sometimes your kids will be sitting there, twiddling their little thumbs and thinking of what holiday mischief they can get up to when you aren’t paying attention. We have a few diversions you can equip yourself with to try and head off most of those holiday meltdowns.  

Q-tip Snowflake Ornaments: These q-tip snowflakes could easily be made from supplies you may have lying around the house: q-tips, glitter, glue, construction paper, scissors and pipe cleaner (if you  have it).  If you don’t have the pipe cleaner on hand just substitute gift wrapping ribbon for them. You can help younger kids make this ornament by pre-lining the points with glue.  

Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornament: Combine a nature walk and search for a stick with this ornament idea. Little ones can practice manual dexterity by trying scrap ribbon around the stick to create a festive tree.  

Marshmallow Snowman Ornament: If your favorite part of craft time as a kid was when you had edible supplies you could sneak a bite of, this may be the ornament for you.  Older kids could handle stuffing small marshmallows into a clear glass ornament to create the snowman face, but younger kids may do better with a clear plastic globe.  

Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer: This minimalistic looking reindeer can be created solely from recycled goods and some glue.  You will need sticks, twigs, glue and a toilet paper or paper towel role.  We love this little guy because he is both charming and eco-friendly! 

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Ornament:  An adorable ornament made from cupcake liners can be as simple or as ornate as you wish.  Layer cupcake liners with glue or tape to create the tree and then embellish with glitter, sequins, stickers, ribbon, rhinestones or anything else you may have on hand. 

We hope your holiday season is full of fun, family and friends, but we also wish you a few quiet moments (maybe for some crafts) too!