Great Green Programs in Austin

The Mother Nature Network ranked Austin as one of the top 10 green cities in the United States.  The City of Austin and area residents are focused on conserving the environment by creating eco-friendly resources, legislation and programs.  Learn more about some of the great green programs in Austin.

Plastic Bag Ban

Austin is helping to green the landscape by eliminating plastic bags. Austinites now carry canvas and reusable shopping bags, because plastic bags are no longer an option at stores.  Stores still offer paper, reusable or plastic bags for a small fee, but Austin is helping to conserve the environment by doing away with the plastic bags that so easily litter the landscape of our city.  Whenever people shop they are now consciously thinking about the environment and recycling because they have to think ahead and pack their reusable bags.  Single use plastic bags can take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills.  Plastic bags can also contribute to flooding by clogging storm drains and creeks and wildlife may mistake the bags for food.  One high-quality bag can replace 600 thin plastic bags over its lifetime.

Composting Classes 

You may not know that you can earn a $75 rebate on a home composting system from the city of Austin!  All you need to do is attend a free community class or watch an online class.  Austin Resource Recovery offers free composting classes throughout the year in different areas of Austin.  Through recycling and composting you may also be able to cut down on your utility bill by downsizing to a smaller trash cart. One of the great things about going green is that you can help out the environment while also saving money. 


It’s kind of crazy to see that Austin is now considered a vacation destination.  It makes sense that Austin would join a legion of other world-class cities by offering bike sharing.  It is no secret that Austin has a major traffic problem  Tourists and citizens alike can help cut down on fuel emissions and pollution by opting to ride the B-Cycles.  There are 40 B-Cycle stations in Austin.  Bike sharing is affordable, clean and a great way to avoid traffic.  

ReBlend Austin

Reblend is a high quality flat low VOC paint made from paint collected at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility.  This paint is free to Austin residents and nonprofits in 3.5 gallon containers.  Austin Reblend comes in two colors: Texas Limestone (beige) and Balcones Canyonland (dark beige).  After paint is dropped off and inspected, it is then consolidated, blended and flitted.  The goal of Austin ReBlend is to keep paint out of landfills, conserve water used to make new paint and prevent pollution from the mining and extraction of raw materials.

Way to go green, Austin!