Fall Cleaning

Spring cleaning may hold prominence as the most well-known seasonally based cleaning occasion, but fall cleaning should not be discounted.  A change of season is a great opportunity to do a deep cleaning of your home. Fall cleaning is important because your home may soon fill up with holiday guests and visiting family members.  Fall is the perfect time to make sure that your guest bedroom is ready for overnight company and that all is in order in your dining room and kitchen so you can prepare a large meal to share with family and friends. 

Purge the Toys

From parties and events kids accumulate many treasures, odds, ends and other random pieces of plastic each season.  Adoring relatives may soon shower your little ones with new things off their wish lists.  Make way for those new toys by purging some of those stuffed animals and tchochkes.  Kids can also get in on the cleaning by deciding which toys to give to other children that might have a greater need for them.  Give your kids the opportunity to practice selflessness and expand their worldview by encouraging them to donate to others in your community.

Freshen Bedding and Linens

Launder all washable comforters, duvets, sheets, pillowcases, mattress covers, bed skirts, curtains, slipcovers and blankets. Don’t forget to flip all the mattresses in your house.  Overnight guests will enjoy a good night’s sleep under clean covers while a chilled guest can warm up under a freshly laundered throw.

Kitchen Audit

Scour your pantry and refrigerator for any food or items past their expiration date.  If any spices are over six months old or have lost their fragrance, it is time to replace them.  Stock up on flour and sugar so you are ready for holiday baking.  When cleaning the refrigerator start at the top and work your way down, so that crumbs fall on to the next level you will clean.  Don’t forget the outside of the refrigerator.  Lint buildup and dust can decrease the cooling performance of your refrigerator. Vacuum the coils after removing the grille.  If your refrigerator is not built-in, pull it out and clean behind it.

Rearrange your Closet

Put the bathing suits in the back and bring forth the sweaters, boots and scarves. It’s true that you can wear flip flops year round in Austin if you want, but help yourself feel more in the spirit of the fall season by dressing accordingly (or at least trying to).  You can retire the shorts but still sport short sleeves with jeans and boots.  A light scarf will help you keep cool through the Austin autumn while also adding some fall flair to your wardrobe.

A fresh start always feel great for your family and your home.  If you would like some help with your fall cleaning, book a cleaning now!

photo credit: -= Bruce Berrien =- via photopin cc