Business Women’s Day

September 22nd is Business Women’s Day.  The roots of this day date back to World War II, when women took over many jobs traditionally held by men while soldiers were away fighting.  Hilary A. Bufton Jr. and three other Kansas City business women founded the American Business Women’s Association on this day (September 22) in 1949. This group was started to help women gain an equal footing in the workplace.  Decades later, the 50 highest-paid executives in the U.S. are all men and only 3% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women.  However, women-owned businesses represent 28% of the American economy and employ 7.7 million people in the United States.

Business women are important to the economy and the world because women represent half of the population.  Women also bring a unique and diverse viewpoint to the workplace.  Female leaders are vital to the business economy because they can help to foster and mentor the next generation of businesswomen.  Girl’s Guild is a great local organization that connects girls and women of all ages with artists and makers to build a collaborative and supportive community.  The Purple Fig had the awesome opportunity to help support this group last month at Coterie Market Days. 

The Purple Fig is a woman-owned business, but today we want to shine a spotlight on two other women entrepreneurs who live in our community.  Meet Tiny Tails to You and the Hip Girls’s Guide to Homemaking.

Tiny Tails to You

Tiny Tails to You is a tiny traveling petting zoo that will come to your event all over the Austin area from Georgetown to Pflugerville to San Marcos to Killeen and Manor, etc.  This traveling petting zoo is unique because it specializes in only small and miniature animals.  The animals represented at Tiny Tails to You include: bunnies, hedgehogs, bearded dragons, chinchillas, guinea pigs, tortoises, baby ducks, leopard geckos, baby chicks, miniature chickens and blue-tongued skinks.  The Tiny Tails to You experience is highly interactive because everyone has the opportunity to pet and hold these little animals.  This tiny traveling petting zoo is also educational because handlers provide facts about the animal breeds, while teaching about proper care and handling of the animals.

Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking

Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking is an empire created by author Kate Payne.  In addition to her two books Hip Girl’s Guide To Homemaking and Hip Girl’s Guide to the Kitchen, Payne also writes for several publications and teaches classes on green cleaning, home food preservation and other food-based instruction.  Some of her upcoming classes and workshops include: the Hands-on Canning and Food Preservation Series, a Hands-on Fall Beverages Workshop, a DIY Bar, a Budget-Friendly Entertaining Workshop and Gifts in Jars. You can find Payne’s classes at Whole Foods, Central Market and the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.  

Happy Business Women’s Day!