Various and Sundry

It’s almost Friday! Did you know that we don’t work on the weekends unless we explicitly choose to do so? Our Amanda and Charlene rock!

So, in discussing blog subjects with the inimitable Charlene, I finally heard (because I always listen) her suggestions for some topics. We don’t have to be all about cleaning here! We’re green, which encompasses a whole host of as yet unexplored possibilities. Look for a more diverse subject matter hitting this page soon!

There was something on my mind today that I wanted to let people know about. Sometimes, equipment can make the difference. Being a photographer, we learn that it is the person and their ‘eye’ that makes the photograph, not the fancy camera. My mind opened when I was using one of the new floor mop rags that I had purchased from reusit. I noticed that since it hasn’t been washed (in Seventh Generation) countless times, that it was more efficient at picking up dirt. The new, deep waffle pattern hadn’t yet been degraded from hundreds of washes and dries. So, while we strive to use everything to it’s fullest potential, sometimes we have to let go. The old rags will rotate into use as counter wipes and general cleaners until they have enough holes in them that even this task is too much.

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So, what does everyone have planned this weekend? SXSW is over and the roads are clear, the weather is conducive to outdoor activities!

Happy Cleaning and have a relaxing, fun-filled weekend!