Yearly demands of your on-demand water heater

a picture of a tankless water heater on a wall
tankless water heater

Did you know… your on-demand hot water heater needs to be acid-flushed yearly? 🤔 You know, it’s the thing on the side of your house none of us thought twice about until a little storm came through.

If you have an on-demand water heater, it needs to be acid flushed once per year to get the mineral build up out.  I had no idea until ours got serviced after Snovid.  The hotter you run it, the quicker the buildup happens. (of course 🙄).

Anyone who knows me knows I love me a hot shower, so this is not good news.  How long does an on-demand hot water heater last, if properly maintained? 15-20 years versus a traditional water heater that weighs in at 10-12. Parts on the tankless are also easily swapped out, making it inexpensive to hit the higher life expectancy range.  

Moral of the story, I’m on the waiting list for our plumber to double-acid wash our on-demand water heater.  I’m pretty sure this counts towards the 1% of your home value that needs to be spent yearly to maintain your home, but more on that later. 

If you need a plumber that will never steer you wrong, please ping me by text at 512-351-1405 and I’ll send over Chris’s info. Stress- free home ownership is ALL about a fantastic vendor list! 

🍀 Good luck out there & may there be hot water in your future for many years to come!