Why buy new clothes when you have Carmen?

carmen in her taylor shop with a sewing machine and spools of thread

Do your clothes fit you? No, I mean do they really fit you?  Let me give you an example: I’m 5’2’’, so I’m definitely on the short side of the curve.  This means that, in addition to some pants being too long (why can’t everything come in 7/8th length…) the arms are also ever-so-slightly too long. 

Then a friend introduced me to Carmen (👋 Carmen! We see you smiling up there!) and this has kicked off a wardrobe revamp without buying a single thing.  I had coats where she was able to take up the sleeves ever so slightly and, voila, it really does change the entire piece.  Now, if I only had a place to wear said coat… but that’s another story. 

I’ve also finished making all the babies I’m going to make and my youngest is now almost 3.  This means the pants I’ve been wearing for the last few years are just a tiny bit big in the waist.  Not enough to buy new pants, but enough that I’m pulling them up on the reg.  Carmen was able to take these jeans, who shall remain nameless, and make the waist *slightly* smaller by getting into the back seam.  Pure wizardry. 

She also took a loosely knitted cardigan and made it less ‘ballooned’, took some jeans up a bit (since that’s how they’re wearing them these days), and took in the sides of some beautiful silk work-shirts I had.  The shape went from ‘wow, that’s a beautiful potato sack’ to ‘is that lady wearing a silk shirt?’.  

Did I mention she comes (masked 😷) to your home or office to do the measurements? And then she brings them back to you when she’s done.  This is also a generally great way to avoid buying clothes—you don’t need them when your current wardrobe fits you this well! 

Carmen’s number is 512-554-6987.