Toilets – Stop Dreading Them

If there’s one thing that most people hate cleaning, it’s the toilet. I don’t need to state the obvious reasons here.

Cleaning the toilet need not be such a horrific chore. Most people’s inclination is to put it off, but that just makes it worse when you do get to it. Let’s look at the Purple Fig method, which I now use even at home when the boss isn’t looking.

You will need: Toilet brush, toilet paper, bottle of vinegar and water (with your choice of yummy smelling essential oil) and baking soda.

Charlene (our manager) is the queen of the 3 minute toilet clean. I’m a bit slower, but still only about 5 minutes. What’s 5 minutes once a week? Because, really, I strongly recommend cleaning that porcelain pedestal that often.

Spray your vinegar, from top top bottom all over the toilet. Open the lid, get that and the seating area, lift seat and spray the rim and inside. Get a lot of vinegar inside! Next, shake a little baking soda inside and let it cook.

Close the lid and grab some toilet paper. Don’t be shy with the toilet paper, you’re about to wipe a toilet with it. Start at the top of the tank and work your way down. Get the entire exterior, including the sides that have the curled pipes. Those always remind me of an ear. Don’t forget the handle, that’s probably one of the dirtiest parts. Save yourself some time later and wipe behind and beside the toilet with that damp paper. Amazing how much dust, dirt and hair gathers there in a week!

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Now lift the lid, wipe and repeat with seat and rim. The vinegar spent time melting everything and now it’s just not as gross.

Last, grab that brush and do the inside of the bowl. Pay special attention to under the rim as rust builds up there, especially in older bowls.

Flush and you’re done! Seriously, 5 minutes and you’ve cleaned a 3rd of your bathroom.

Just a couple of more things about the potty. If you do have that rust under your rim, it can be hard to remove. A copper scrub can remove it, but your enamel may go with it. Sometimes just the good old repetition of cleaning it every week will wear that down and eliminate it. Can’t see it? Do what I do, hold on to your hair, lean over and look. Clean the toilet first. Heh.

Lastly, and I see more intelligent people doing this than I care to count; don’t leave the lid open when you flush.  It sprays. A lot.

You’ll have to watch a quick commercial to see this video, but it shows dry ice in a toilet when it’s flushed so that you can see the spray. Thank you, Discovery Channel. Feel free to Google for more information. I remember seeing a video a bit more graphic than this years ago. Just thinking about flush water hitting my toothbrush was quite enough. Stay healthy!

Let me know if there are any tips you’d like to see!