Tip Tuesday – Pre-Gobble

Does anyone really need a cleaning tip right before Thanksgiving? Our clients booked their cleans well in advance. I will say that it’s very telling that we have done a lot of pre-holiday cleans, but the onslaught of post-turkey touch ups has not yet entered the tryptophan lulled minds of our regulars.

That said, most people seem more concerned with two things:

1. Tons of food =  weight gain

2. A less stressful holiday

Stress –

* Once things get started, there isn’t much you can do to change it.

* Don’t have rigid plans, you will always be somewhat (or completely) disappointed when they don’t come perfectly to fruition.

* In short: Go with the flow and take deep breaths if you have to.  Next year, tell everyone you’re going camping. That’s what I’m doing!

Weight! – You know these, but let’s have a refresher course.

* Enjoy a little of everything. A little, people. Not a plateful.

* Snack on these wondrous goodies throughout the day to space out your caloric intake. Don’t overload all at once.

* Sign up for a Turkey Trot! The morning exercise will ramp up your calorie burning metabolism and leave you feeling euphoric and guilt free at meal time! Our very own Tracy is doing the Gruene trot. Go, Tracy, Go!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Much love,

The Purple Fig