It’s About Thyme

Thyme and Thymol. Wondrous good, people.

First, let me tell you that every bit of this information can be found on the Wikipedia page for Thymol. It’s all over the web and in plenty of books that I read, but Wikipedia did a really excellent job of pulling it all together in one place. I want to sum it all up for you because I think it’s that important!

Thymol is the lovely source of Thyme’s scent and tantalizing flavor. It can also be found in Oregano and a couple of other plants, but it’s very prevalent in Thyme. It’s a very hardy plant that can be grown easily right here in Texas. It’s drought resistant and can stand a bit of freeze. Just give it some sun and well drained soil and you’re all set. Trust me. I can kill any plant but I’ve grown Thyme rather well.

I’ve mentioned some of Thyme’s amazing properties recently. It is antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Little did I know before this research that it can do so much with those properties!

Thyme is a great pesticide. It can deter all sorts of animals (including deer, rats, cats, etc.) and some mites that bother honey bees. The best news is that it degrades rapidly in water and soil, making it an extremely safe pesticide.

Thyme is an antibiotic helper! It reduces the bacteria’s resistance to antibiotics. Anyone who is immunocompromised will love this. It has an antimutagenic effect and is there is some evidence that it has antitumor properties. If I had to put this in layman’s terms, it seems that Thymol stops cells from mutating and therefore may help stop tumors. Wow.

To top it all off, it smells wonderful and adds a great depth to any dish. I can’t think of a plant more worthwhile to have handy in my herb garden!


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