The Dirty Glove: Carpeted Stairs Edition

Cleaning thoroughly, efficiently, and greenly is the name of the game here at the Purple Fig, but we all have those areas of the house that- let’s face it -nobody likes to tackle. What better way to honor those dastardly, dirty crevices then to dedicate a post about how to scrub them until they shine?

Every other month, we’ll walk you through guidelines tailored for each unique mess (greasy stovetop? Moldy tub? Sticky sink?) and lend some valuable tips along the way – most of these tips are taken from famous carpet cleaning tampa and they’re tired and tested. So strap on your gloves, because we’re about to split hairs with the part of your home that gets trampled underfoot on a daily basis: your carpeted stairs.

Tools you’ll need

Vacuum + brush attachment

Stiff comb

Responsible Carpeting

 Here’s the ugly truth: your filth is your carpet’s filth. That dirt, stain, and clump of hair doesn’t just sprout from beneath the beige fibers on its own — and for anyone who has ever been the proud owner of carpeted stairs, the task of keeping those innumerable steps free of filth can seem futile.

Carpeted stairs are a special breed of flooring to clean, best reserved for those with flexible backs, toned arms, and one heavy-duty vacuum…but for those of you stuck with a staircase made up of hairy carpet, there are a few key tips to know that makes upkeep a little bit less daunting!

Tips and Tools 

What seems like a breeze in theory can easily become a headache once cleaning day comes along. Why put up with an aching back, exhausted arm muscles, and that throbbing forehead vein when you can follow these simple guidelines?

 Before rolling up your sleeves, remember:

  • Always begin at the bottom and vacuum your way up
  • Stretch your back and arms beforehand to prevent pain/injury

There are three key items you’ll need to familiarize yourself with:

1. Brush attachment (for full coverage)

2. Crevice tool (for corners and edges)

3. Stiff comb (for difficult hair)

Climbing the Hairy Stairway

1) Grab your vacuum and take out extension, attaching the crevice tool head.

2) Beginning with the bottom step, vacuum the corners and seams of the step. (They collect the most dirt and debris throughout the week)

3) Now attach the brush head to the extension and make a pass over the entire surface area of the carpeted step. This should pull up almost all of the dirt and most of the hair from the fibers.

4) If stubborn hair or dirt remains, continue to vacuum and move your brush head in circular motions across the surface area of the step. You don’t necessarily have to press hard, just be thorough. (This catches the filth at a varying degree of different angles, making it more likely to get sucked up)

5) Once you’ve made a thorough pass over the step, check for any leftover dirt and/or hair. If some have managed to survive the vacuuming, grab the stiff comb and brush over the problem area(s). Unless there is a stain, any dirt and hair will come up.

6) Repeat process on each stair step.

Remember that it’s normal if this takes longer than expected to conquer, so don’t get discouraged! Rest sufficiently and don’t hesitate to take a break when your body needs it.

Sustainable Stain Removal

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