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Fridge Basics: How to Store Your Food

The fridge is our sacred relic of the kitchen and our customizable food closet rolled into one. It’s home to a patchwork of foods- both frozen and raw, vegetables and sauces and meats alike -indiscriminately keeping our food safe and chilled for our personalized eating pleasures. Neglecting to store your food properly within the fridge’s cold chambers, however, canRead More

Defining the Paleo Diet

It goes by many names- Paleolithic, Caveman, Primal -and yet the Paleo Diet still remains somewhat of a mystery after several years of national popularity. Whether or not you’ve embraced, rejected, or shrugged off this trendy lifestyle choice, it certainly is a difficult phenomenon to ignore…as well as define! It’s time we finally nail down theRead More

The Meaning of Gluten-Free

It’s in our processed flours, breads, pastas, cakes, and wheat-based foods…lurking within the average American diet virtually undetected for centuries: gluten. This little ingredient has caused quite a stir in the past few years, however, even earning itself a special seat among FDA food guidelines — so what is gluten, exactly? And why is it suddenly soRead More

The Whole Foods Labeling Debate

Sloughing through the grocery aisle is difficult enough these days, with labels like “non-GMO”, “organic”, and “USDA approved” stamped- oftentimes recklessly, as with the case of the misleading “all-natural” sticker -above rows of both produce and dry foods alike. While a superior diet inarguably consists of 100% organic food, Whole Foods Market’s recent announcement of their entirely newRead More

Beyond the Food Pyramid

Ever wonder how the food pyramid was built? Brick by brick since the 1800s, forces at play have sculpted and revised those five food groups…but despite the pyramid’s facelifts, the result remains nutritionally questionable. Read on and educate yourself!

Pumpkin Seed Delight

As pumpkin sales skyrocket this week, consider the delicious insides of the orange squash as well as the outer shell. Why spend your hard earned money on a pumpkin to carve…but discard those delicious and nutritious seeds? Munch on this recipe after carving your jack-o-lantern, as a well-suited appetizer to your sweet Halloween treats! Why Pumpkin SeedsRead More

The Ins and Outs of Non-GMO Beer & Wine

As this long, hot summer winds down, sometimes there’s nothing better to beat the heat than a thirst-quenching adult beverage on a cool night, with the company of a loved one and a Texas sunset. But just like any other food you put in your body, it’s hard to sink into an ice-cold beer whenRead More

Easy Breezy Seasonal Recipes: Coq Au Vin

Whether we confess it or not, a recipe requiring more than 3 ingredients can seem like the first step into a daunting crusade in the kitchen. So how do you pick out a recipe that is both budget and user-friendly, without compromising amazing taste? Look no further! To encourage culinary health and happiness, The Purple Fig has found seasonalRead More

Mother’s Day Gifts with the Earth in Mind

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, there are plenty of eco-friendly gifts and crafts to explore, all tailored to shower your mom (and the environment!) in clean, eco-conscious love. All of the old stand-bys can be substituted with green alternatives, along with original and out-of-the-box DIY gifts that not only celebrate the beauty of your mom,Read More

Healthy Spring Feasts (And How to Shop Organic)

Pesticides and produce are unfortunately becoming a synonymous pair these days. To counter the GMO madness and encourage the happiest, healthiest you, we at the Purple Fig want to dole out some helpful grocery tips (as well as some delicious recipes!) just in time for Spring.


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