Don’t Be a Sucker

Today’s Tip Tuesday covers those sucker-bottomed tub floor covers. You know those mats that you stick in the bottom of your tub so that you don’t slip? The ones with the hundred little sucker cups on the bottom? Yes! Those!

I hate those. I know, I know, they keep little Johnny or Susie from falling and Grandma from breaking her hip. Sometimes, they’re just a nice, cushy softener between your feet and the cold, unwelcoming tub floor. They are useful and usually aesthetically pleasing.

But have you looked at the bottom of it lately? I can almost guarantee there is pink bacteria growing around those sucker cups. Or some sort of mold. They stay wet and warm. It’s a perfect bacteria and mold playground under there.

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All is not lost! Add a little step to your morning shower routine to save the suckers. Lift that mat off of the tub floor (if you’re the last one to shower,) and hang it upside down over the edge of the tub. That’s it, that’s all you have to do. You just need to let it dry out.

Is there already mold there? Is it too late? Never! If you see the pinkness, hit it with the vinegar and baking soda. I use a scrub brush to get all around the cups and disinfect the entire thing. Several clients have noticed the difference and those very same clients now leave their mats on the edge of the tub. They will have happy feet for a long time to come.

Look around the bathroom and kitchen areas. Do you see other possibilities for a constant moistness? Tell us what you find and what you’re quick and creative solutions are!