A Shower of Products

When we clean your home, we move items on your counters and in your shower. While putting various products back into the shower or tub, I pondered the array of products I’ve seen in different homes and my own.

Now, I realize I’m an anomaly amongst my peers, but I only have two products in my shower. I’m not counting lotions or toothpaste or sunblocks that may be in your cabinet or next to the sink. Just the shower. I have Dr. Bronner’s Eucalyptus soap.  I use it on my hair, face and body. I also have a hair conditioner which doubles as a shave gel. You really should try that, it’s unbelievably perfect.

I’ve come to this limited number through trial and error. I think we end up with more products than we need or even want through this process. Bottles that sit on the shelf, leaving goo and mold beneath them. Yuck. Let’s get rid of them!

I made myself start using the things I had cast aside. It’s not like they were bad or harming me in some way. Maybe they had a scent that wasn’t quite my cup of tea or made my hair a little harder to manage. This self-imposed purge actually saved me quite a bit of money! I didn’t have to buy a shower product for two months. Another way to rid yourself of these extras without wasting them is to offer them to friends/family. People love free stuff!

Once you set your mind to using something until it’s empty, you will find more space, more money will likely make better choices when it comes time to refill!

Happy Showering!