Should I pick up the clutter before The Purple Fig arrives?

Here we can take a moment to look at both sides of this coin.  Will the team have more time to clean and scrub if they’re not picking up clutter? I think we all know the answer is yes. 

At this point it’s important to know yourself and ask the question ‘Do I have the bandwidth to put that extra effort to pick up before they arrive?’ If you do have the bandwidth, go right ahead and clear the way.  If the answer here is ‘No’, then I suggest you leave it to the Fig and push that worry out of your mind…poof!  The Purple Fig is here to provide in-home hospitality✨—transforming spaces is what we do. 💪 

On another note, if there’s an area of the house you’d like particular attention given, let us know when the office reaches out before the team arrives.  Communication makes the world go round! 🌎