Reuse Ideas

We’re not just about the cleaning here at The Purple Fig…we’re all about the planet and doing what we can to not destroy it. With that in mind, I’ve decided to collect our reuse ideas in one spot. Right here in the blog! It makes it easier for all of us to search by tags for quick recall. As long as I don’t forget to tag it. 🙂

The first reuse came from one of our employees. She said that old shower curtains can be washed and used to cover plants in the winter or as painting drop cloths. Good one!

Amanda mentioned that you can reuse dryer lint as kindling for fireplaces or campfires. I will add to her idea by saying that I also started keeping the big wads of cotton out of vitamin bottles. I have them saved in a reused plastic baggy!

Feel free to share your reuse tips! I’m going to scour the internet to look for more things I can do and I’ll be sure to share them and tag them for you!