Relieve Dreary Weather Boredom!


It’s a little chilly out there for us Austinites. The kids and dogs are probably going a bit stir crazy, being stuck inside the house. How do you keep everyone happy? Make things!

First, distract the dog with some home made toys:

photo of bored dog

Hi. I’m bored.

A few ideas from Wise Bread.

Organic Authority has a green, reuse idea that I’m going to use!

Now some fun things for you and the kids (or just you!):

This one requires melting things. Definitely keep the kiddos away from that part. But, let them pick out some molds, pick out their own essential oil scent and unmold them once they’re solid and cool. Great way to treat dry, winter skin!

Soothing Lotion Bars from Jo’s Health Corner

photo from Jo’s Health Corner


Keep the kids warm! I love this idea found on Pinterest. The original pin and instructions are not in English, but you get the idea. Everyone pick out and old sweater or sweatshirt and get creative!

Sweater Hats

sweater hats

Photo via Pinterest

Have a lot of time and imagination? Make your own board game!

Here’s a couple of resources:

From WikiHow

I really like this family trivia idea that can also be used as a gift. Via Photo Gifts and Ideas.

So, you don’t have to do the old ‘paper snowflakes’ or buy something to keep the kids (or yourself) occupied. You can have fun and reuse some items around your house!

Have a great weekend!