It’s Raining!

It’s raining here in ATX, and we’re loving it! It reminds us of our new friends, RK Re-Purposing. In their words: “RK Re-Purposing provides quality recycled and refurbished products for your home and garden needs.   Whether you need them for your home or business, we can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and give back to Mother Nature!”

In our words, we’re very excited to find a source for inexpensive refurbished rain barrels. The planter boxes are made from re-purposed fencing and I’m certain they’ll find their way into more than one Figger’s garden/porch.

I think Charlene is very seriously considering the Adirondack chairs as the plastic ones tend to bend in the Texas heat.

I’m in love with this bench:

The verdict: A great, family owned, local company that we hope you support along with us!