Mission Small Business

The Purple Fig is applying for Chase and LivingSocial’s small business grant. The deadline for our essay submission and your votes is June 30th!

What does this mean to you, dear readers and clients? If we can gather the 250 votes necessary to meet the grant requirements consideration, it could mean a healthier, greener Austin. As many of you know, we’ve already been innovating greener processes and products. We would like to continue that trend and possibly spread our love further.

We don’t inundate our clients with emails or social media requests. So we want you to know how important this is to us and please show your support by voting for us on Mission Small Business. Just follow that link and search for The Purple Fig.

A few minutes of your time would be greatly appreciated and would help a local, green company continue to offer it’s clients and employees the great services and benefits that we’ve believed in all along!

Happy Voting!