Mmmm, leather. It can be strong and rugged or soft, buttery and giving. Leather is sexy, useful and can be very long lasting. If you take care of it properly.

As usual, I’m here to help. I recently had a client (okay, my very favorite client) ask about where to get her leather coat cleaned. She could have spent quite a bit of cash at a specialized cleaner, but I asked her to let me have a shot at it when I was done with her regular cleaning.

Leather doesn’t like a high pH level. It is still a hide. It needs nourishment to remain healthy. I worked for a leather company for 9 years and one of the most useful things I learned was how best to take care of leather.

This is so simple, you’re going to cry. Now, use a little common sense here. Don’t use this on suede and always test an inconspicuous spot first.

How to Clean Your Leather:

  • Buy some Murphy’s Oil Soap. (Available in ATX at HEB.)
  • Dilute! About 1/4 cup per gallon. Not too sudsy.
  • Use a soft clean cloth without wringing it out overly much.
  • Wipe down the leather. Do not rinse.

That’s it! Seriously! The oil soap will clean and condition the leather. It removed some sticky goop and a couple of stains from our friends jacket. I’ve used it on my leather chair once a year. It’s inexpensive and will last a good long while.

Happy cleaning!