Learn to Fake It

We might do this for a living, but our houses aren’t always as spotless as we make yours. We’ve just learned to fake it.

Everyone has had unexpected guests at some time or another. Your partner or roommate gives you all of an hour to let you know there will be two more at dinner. The girls/boys want to drop by to watch the latest episode of your favorite show. But your place is not quite how you would like others to see it.

What do you do?

1. Clear the clutter. Even if you just put it into neater piles or move it into a closed off room. Clutter makes it all look a little dirtier.

2. Now that you can see, wipe off any obvious dirt spots, drips or coffee rings. You don’t have to dust the whole place!

3. Bathrooms. Always a pleasure. Just swish out the toilet bowl. Now grab some toilet paper and your cleaner. Spray lightly, wipe. Best way to make it look like you do your floors every day? Take some of that toilet paper and get the hair that always surrounds the base of the toilet. Last, wipe off the bathroom counter. Just use a wet sponge, cleaner if you have to. Forget the tub, you don’t have time; just close the curtain! One last thing…did you spit toothpaste on the mirror? Get the spots!

4. Does anyone have to go in the bedrooms? To get to the bathroom, maybe? Then make the bed. If not, close the door. It’s that easy.

5. Move on to the kitchen. Swipe at the counters. Don’t move everything, they’re not going to look back there. Rinse out the sink and wipe the refrigerator door handle. Looks better already, right?

6. Last, but definitely not the least. How bad are your floors? Oh. That bad? Sorry. Grab the vacuum. Don’t move furniture around, just go quickly through the main areas. You do not need to mop, unless your kitchen floor looks like a Jackson Pollok wannabe had a party in there. If it’s pretty bad, wet a cloth and start wiping.

The floors alone will actually make your house look twice as clean. We’re constantly surprised that we don’t think a house looks clean until we do the floors. Then it all comes together!

We move through your house in 3 to 4 hours. If you want to run through your house and fake it in an hour, the number one pro-tip you need is this: Get a kit.

We have kits with everything we need in them. You don’t need 20 cleaners, 6 different types of sponges, 3 scrub brushes, paper towels… the list could be endless. Your kit needs a sponge, a bottle of water and vinegar, a small shaker of baking soda and a couple of clean micro-fiber cloths. That’s your fake it kit. Want a real kit? Add a scrub brush and a mop cloth. Seriously. If you’re already a client, you know that’s all we carry and you’ve seen the sparkly, pretty goodness it brings!

Next week, let’s talk toilets. Not a sexy subject, but a dirty toilet is the opposite of sexy.