Happy New Year!

The New Year is upon us and I, like most, find it a time of reflection and an opportunity to set goals. This year, instead of the usual goals (exercise, lose weight, save money, etc.) why not try something new? Something green…

You could:

Start Meatless Mondays: Don’t eat any meat on Mondays. Or which ever day you choose. I think Monday was just a nice alliteration and hence it’s name. It will help reduce your impact on the environment and your waistline.

Replace a Chemical Product with an All Natural: We can help you there! Take one cleaner you have that contains chemicals. Get rid of it. Go to the Mueller Farmer’s Market on Sunday and pick up a bottle of our All Purpose Spray. Mmm, Eucalyptus and Lemon! Nothing smells cleaner! Just ask our new customer, Heather. She gave it the mom stamp of approval.

Stop driving so much!: Would it be that bad to take the bus once in a while? Or, you could try a Car2Go, a great alternative if you can’t afford to swap out your gas guzzler. This is Austin! Ride your bike! I found a great, inexpensive set of panniers (think saddle bags) for my bike to make those short trips to the store.

Lastly, on a less eco-motivated note: Do something for yourself. Pull up your calendar and actually book time for yourself. Use it to read, relax, learn something you’ve always wanted to, spend more time with loved ones, whatever you want. Taking care of yourself is more important than I can convey in a blog post. It allows you to re-center and enables you to help others. If you’ve taken care of your own body and soul, it’s a lot easier to spend some time doing things for your fellow creatures.

Have a safe, fun, Happy New Year!