Green Customers

We’re green, but what about our clients? For the most part, everyone is trying. They have less toxic or non-toxic products in their homes. Recycling bins are plentiful, as are shopping totes.

There are two standouts, though, that I admire every time I’m in their homes. Privacy concerns stop me from naming them, but they know who they are!

Both have children, pets and careers. They hang much of their laundry. They have gardens, rain barrels and compost. They keep natural grasses and plants in their yards that can take the ATX heat and conserve water. They use natural, organic products in their hair, on their skin and in the laundry. Their windows are open this time of year and it gets dusty, but I don’t mind because I know what they’re saving and it’s not just money. They have cloth products instead of disposables and use towels instead of paper towels. In short, they take the time and make the effort. Hats off to these two lovely ladies and their family members!

Happy (green) Cleaning!