Good Work Austin

Looking to support local businesses and restaurants who want to do the right thing for their workers, the economy and the environment?  Good Work Austin businesses are committed to living wages, access to affordable healthcare and mental health services, among other things, for their employees.  And doing this in Texas… let’s just say we’re not very popular with the business lobbyists at the Capitol.  

GWA is a 501c3 I helped start back in 2018 after myself and other businesses testified in favor of Paid Sick Leave for every person working in Austin.  Austin did pass this but it was overturned by the state. 

Next Saturday night keep it fair & local by checking out one of these restaurants! (Shout out to my kids’ favorite ice cream parlor and GWA powerhouse, Sweet Ritual)


The Purple Fig is a small Austin-based cleaning business with a socially-conscious, "green" mission. We curate meaningful employee and client experiences based on the concept of linked social and financial responsibility.

Our Principles

Our goal is to foster a dedicated and supportive team to maintain our clients' living and working spaces. We combine the attentive detail and professionalism of hospitality with the creative, conscientious energy of ATX to nourish our partnerships with each other, our clients, and our community.

We are hiring

The Purple Fig is an Equal Opportunity Employer. However you identify, and whatever background you bring with you, we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. Please apply if this role and being a part of this ragtag bunch excites you.

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