Good, clean fun!

We, as a team, have noticed something fantastic. We have fun when we’re cleaning. Most especially, when we get to ‘team clean’, meaning there is more than one of us, or as in the case this week, nearly all of us!

This led me to think about how we get through the cleaning process without becoming too bored and how I could pass that information on to you.

I know I love music while I’m cleaning. Preferably, the sing-a-long kind. This does necessitate an empty house. I have a very powerful, very annoying voice. I find that wearing headphones that come along with me is the best way. That way, I’m not turning a stereo up loud enough to hear over running water and also anger the neighbors.

One of our Figgers likes to sort of blank out on the cleaning part and figure out a problem they are having. Something to work through in your head and not think about the ‘chore’ part.

I had a customer point out that it seems easier to clean someone else’s house than to clean your own. This gave me an idea. You could set up a system with a friend in which you both help each other clean. You could rotate the location every other week and make an afternoon of it. Trust us, it is far better to have someone to laugh with than to go it alone!

Happy cleaning!