Fruit Fly Invasions

Fruit flies are a very common problem amongst our greener clients and I get a lot of questions about getting rid of them. This is so common that it has been covered on a lot of blogs and wikis and just a few clicks can give you many tips and tricks!

Macro photo of fruit flies

They’re everywhere!

Some of the best:

wikiHow has a comprehensive list of prevention and eradication. I especially like the vacuum. I can just picture people running around the kitchen with their vacuum wands waving like magic gnat wands!

Small Footprint Family has done great research and offers a good recipe for a home made trap. Most blogs recommend this method of trapping and they point out that white vinegar doesn’t work as well as something more fruity. Which just makes sense!

The biggest culprits I see in most places are the compost, fruit uncovered on the counter (I don’t like my fruit in the fridge, either) and unrinsed items in the recycling bin. Just covering these 3 bases might help quite a bit.

One of the things I like to do in houses with small pest problems is to spray our All Purpose Spray in the corners of windows and behind rarely moved objects on the counter tops. The Eucalyptus is a natural pest deterrent. I find less creepy crawlies and flying foragers when I come back the next time. One client has me every week and I’ve almost completely rid her of the tiny spiders that nestle in her original wood framed windows.

Grab a bottle at the Mueller Farmer’s Market or just ask Holly to add it to your bill and we’ll bring you a bottle at your next clean!